insTand CR1 shown with optional CameraAccessoryKit 

Use this neat attachment to convert your insTand tripod into a handy camera tripod!

This handy accessory instantly attaches to your  insTand tripod and lets you use it as a camera tripod. The result is a photo tripod which is actually more sturdy and more stable than many camera tripods. Now you can always have a photo tripod available when you travel with your insTand. "Ball-and-socket" camera mount swivels 180 degrees, and provides 180 degree tilt.  Features photo-standard 1/4-20 threaded attachment,  holds cameras up to 5 lbs. Fits any insTand  tripod, increases tripod height by 3.5".  Black with silver trim.

Can be used with any insTand tripod

PLEASE NOTE! camera, and insTand are (duh) not included!

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1 Year Warranty

Durable Construction