CSM CameraSideMount Attachment

insTand CR5 shown with optional CameraSideMount


Use this clever attachment to mount a camera onto  any insTand tripod.

This handy accessory instantly attaches to your  insTand tripod and lets you use a camera along with your laptop. The result is a combination tripod which is actually more sturdy and more stable than many camera tripods. Now you can always have a photo tripod available when you travel with your insTand.

  • Ball-and-socket camera mount swivels 180 degrees, and provides 180 degree tilt.
  • Features photo-standard 1/4-20 threaded attachment. 
  • Holds cameras up to 2.5 kg
  • Fits any insTand  tripod.
  • Perfect for sports-analysis photography.

Can be used with any insTand tripod

PLEASE NOTE! computer, camera, and insTand are (duh) not included!


Stocked in the USA and the UK