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sideKick combo

Fits CR1, CR3, CR5 and superStand

sideKick Combo Tray Holder and Tray

The clever sideKick tray holder lets you attach an additional tray to your tripod. Perfect for papers, mouse, light tools, etc.

This combo package includes both the CSK tray-holder
and a CT1 tray, measuring 24.5 cm x 28 cm


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The sideKick-combo package includes tray holder (shown at left) 
and a 24.5 cm x 28 cm tray.  It clamps onto the tripod and provides additional space for papers, mouse, printers, or just for more workspace. 
  • The sideKick can also be used with the CR5 heavy duty insTand to hold projectors and laptops simultaneously.


The sideKick-combo
  • can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.
  • can be rotated to the most convenient position.  





Stocked in the USA and the UK




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