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Absolutely the finest laptop stand you can buy!

insTand gets your hot computer off your lap - lets you sit comfortably and move around at will.  High-tech materials provide a stable platform free from wobbling or vibration.  Features patented ergonomic tilt feature to adjust keyboard angle for comfort. 

  • Model CR1 adjusts from 36 cm to 80 cm high.

  • Model CR3 adjusts from 48 cm to 100 cm high.

  • non-skid 28 cm x 33 cm tray-top holds all size laptops including the new wide-screen laptops  

  • Sets up in seconds

  • Durable construction - designed for years of daily use.

  • Folds really small  - like a small umbrella.  Fits in most laptop cases... CR1 folds to 5 cm x 33 cm  CR3 fold to 5 cm x 47 cm

  • Ultra-light, extra-strong CR1 tripod weighs just .62 kg

  • Ultra-light, extra-strong CR3 tripod weighs just .79 kg

  • Sturdy enough to support your laptop comfortably.

  • Anodized aircraft-quality aluminum tripod 

  • Easily and quickly adjusted for maximum comfort.

  • Includes tripod, 28 cm x 33 cm tray-top with swing-out mouse shelf, and carry bag.


INCLUDES  -  sturdy high-tech tripod with handy leatherette carry bag and 28 cm x 33 cm tray-top with swing-out mouse shelf

Instant Set-up - Instant Adjustment
Durable High-Tech Construction


stocked in the UK for European delivery


Includes swing-out mouse shelf




Includes swing-out mouse shelf




"Wow! Cool! Bravo!

Doing the happy dance. Bought this basic Instand on a whim from the in-flight catalog. I have a closet full of similarly intentioned devices, some pretty expensive. All not quite right, you know?  I bought this only after examining the return policy very, very closely.  Well, tough, you can't have it back.  It is beautifully designed and it feels like quality..."

--Joanna         (unsolicited)


Stocked in the USA and the UK


Adjustable height plus patented tilt mechanism for comfort.
Model CR1 is for use while sitting. .


Options and accessories are available

"I have had an Instand CR-3 for over three years. I have found it all that is advertised to be, and more. My use of your stand has also generated sales at a number of client sites as well. I say this because it is truly a quality product that is recognized as such by nearly everyone who sees it".         (unsolicited)

adjustable tilt for comfort

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  • infinitely adjustable. 

  • keyboard angle is easily adjusted to one of 4 positions.

  • all adjustments are easy and instant.


  move mouse over photo

Patented device lets you tilt the keyboard to one of 4 positions while bringing the computer toward your lap for extra comfort.

All insTands include a sturdy tripod, a high-tech 11 x 13 tray (fits all laptops) and a leatherette carry bag.


Lightweight tripod folds small like a folding umbrella. Ultra-thin tray fits into computer case with computer. Gives computer full, stable support.


Accessories stocked in the UK for European delivery

CSK-CT1   sideKick
   adds a second tray for more workspace

CSM CameraSideMount
   attach a camera to your insTand

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