The CR3  
for standing or sitting

The CR3 insTand

This is the taller version of the regular insTandLike the CR1, it was originally developed for the court reporting profession.

Now available to the general public, it is highly portable, yet extremely durable.

  • Model CR3 adjusts from 19" to 41" high.

  • non-skid 11" x 13" tray-top holds all size laptops

  • Sets up in seconds

  • Durable construction - designed for years of daily use.

  • Folds really small  - like a small umbrella. Fits in most laptop cases... folds to 2" x 18 1/2"

  • Ultra-light tripod weighs just 26 oz.

  • Sturdy enough to support your laptop comfortably.

  • Anodized aircraft-quality aluminum tripod 

  • Easily and quickly adjusted for maximum comfort.

  • Includes tripod, standard 11" x 13" tray, and carry bag.

Adjustable height plus patented tilt mechanism for comfort.

OK - the obvious question.
What keeps the laptop on the stand?

Lifetime Warranty!
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30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

"...I work as part of a group of guys who do AutoCAD drawings on board US Naval ships...made easier with the addition of your stand ...we can place our laptop where we are, instead of on a desk on the other side of the room from where we are drawing...the comfort of having the laptop at working height. Your stand is a great tool and of great value to me and my team. As we add people to our task we will be equipping them with an InStand of their own.

Bruce Watson, Jr.         (unsolicited)
The CR3 adjusts low enough to sit, high enough to stand. It works both ways!

The CR3 can be used while standing or sitting. A little longer than the regular 
insTand  when folded, but only weighs 3 oz. more. Adjusts from 19" to 41" high. Anodized aluminum and composite tripod folds to 2" x 18 1/2" and weighs just 25 oz.

Includes 11" x 13" tray and carry bag.

Other size trays available.

The product is really useful in our applications and much more than what I originally thought was a "glorified music stand". I "stand" corrected!

--Richard E. Rae
Midwest Ultrasound Inc         (unsolicited)

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adjustable tilt for comfort
  • infinitely adjustable. 

  • keyboard angle is easily adjusted to one of 4 positions.

  • all adjustments are easy and instant.

  move mouse over photo

Patented device lets you tilt the keyboard to one of 4 positions while bringing the computer toward your lap for extra comfort.

All insTands include a sturdy tripod, a high-tech 11" x 13" tray (fits all laptops) and a leatherette carry bag.

Lightweight tripod folds small like a folding umbrella. Ultra-thin tray fits into computer case with computer and gives it full, stable support.


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Lifetime Warranty!
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This  insTand tripod carries a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects, in addition to our 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.